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Golden Pearl Cosmetics (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the leading skin care and personal care products company in Pakistan. It was established in 1997 by Mr. Sheikh Abid Mehmood (Chairman).

Golden Pearl Cosmetics (Pvt) Ltd. is a trendsetter in the whitening and beauty creams market in Pakistan. It has developed its own unique formulations to meet the needs of the Pakistani consumer.

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Health Safety & Environment

Golden Pearl Cosmetics (Pvt) Ltd is committed to achieving quality, health & safety and environmental excellence. This is the responsibility of both the management and employees in all functions. Golden Pearl Cosmetics (Pvt.) Ltd is striving to provide a safe and healthy working environment and to avoid adverse impact to the environment and the communities in which we do business. Our program will combine clear leadership by management, the participation of all employees and functions.

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