Tips to Minimize Pores

Tips to Minimize Pores

Do you feel like every time when you see your face in the mirror, large pores are staring back at you, especially around the T-zone area? Today we are going to tell you some tips to minimize pores that work for real. But first let me tell you that you can’t make your pores disappear or get rid of them completely. As our skin needs them to breathe or through them oil and sweat reach your skin’s surface. But if you don’t clean your skin properly they become enlarged and clogged, which leads to pimples, acne breakouts and skin infections.

Now, have a look towards our below mentioned tips to minimize pores on your face in no time.

  • 1 Wash your face

 Washing your face twice a day removes dirt, oil, makeup traces and other unwanted debris, which usually cause clogging of pores and acne breakouts. Clean and unclogged pores allow the skin to absorb nutritive and nourishing ingredients of skin products effectively. We suggest you use oil control face wash if you have acne, combo, and oily skin. But use a water or gel-based face wash for dry and sensitive skin.

  • 2 Rub Ice on your face

One of the easiest and effective tip to minimize pores is rubbing ice on your face every day, because ice cubes help in clearing out all dirt, oil and other impurities that have stuck in the pores and clogged them. Moreover, the cold compressing effect provided by ice rubbing on your face not only helps keep pores clean, but shrinks the size of pores to make them appear a lot smaller over time.

  • 3 Use a toner

Toners give nutritive and nourishing effects to your skin. At the same time, they visibly diminish the appearance of pores by removing excessive oil from the skin. So, adding a splash of toner in your skincare routine will be quite beneficial to minimize pores on your face.

Golden Pearl Glow Boosting Facial Toner is a dual purpose toner that refreshes and balances skin pH. With deep penetration enhancers and active ingredients, it drops deep into pores to remove excess oil and locks in moisture for excellent soothing and whitening effect.  It also gives your skin a refined appearance by shrinking pores.

  • 4 Exfoliate twice a week

Dead skin, oil and other impurities can easily build up and clog your pores if you don’t take care of your skin properly. Exfoliating your skin twice a week removes the dead layer of skin and unclog them. Using exfoliators more than twice a week may cause dryness, irritation and sometimes even swelling which causes your pores to appear even larger. Stay gentle and only use fingertips while exfoliating your skin. 

  • 5 Use collagen producing serums

Large pores can be due to poor collagen production in your skin. Such serums rejuvenate collagen production and shrink large pores caused by sun-damage or aging.

            Our Vitamin C Serum has two powerful ingredients in it, Vitamin C & Hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, most effective for collagen production to reduce large pores caused by photodamage, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. This serum also leaves your skin highly nourished, hydrated and even tone. 

  • 6 Avoid heavy make up

When it comes to makeup, it can be a double-edged sword for your pores, because certain formulas mask your pores while others may clog them. If your skin is oily and prone to acne, then avoid using heavy makeup.

Here are some cosmetic tips for you to keep your pores unclogged / invisible:

  • Avoid using shimmery products in the area (T-Zone) where pores are more noticeable. Shiny effect will only emphasize them more.
  • Avoid using heavy foundations and oil-based products that contain lanolin, cetyl acetate, myristyl myristate, isopropyl linoleate, and lauric acid, as all of them clog your pores and make them look even bigger.
  • Nicely prep your skin with pore-minimizing primer before wearing makeup.
  • Use face tissue or blotting paper to absorb oil throughout the day. This will reduce risk of pores clogging.
  • 7 Remove makeup before going to bed

 Leaving your makeup overnight on your skin causes the pores to become clogged due to buildup of makeup, excess oil, and other debris. That’s why make sure to remove your makeup properly before going to bed.

You can either use a makeup remover or some gentle cleanser that penetrates deep into your skin to remove all makeup traces, oil and dirt from your pores.

  • 8 Wear Sunscreen         

 No matter the weather, wearing sunscreen of a broad-spectrum or at least SPF 30 every day during daytime is necessary. Exposure to too much sun make your skin lose collagen, less supple and dehydrated which makes pore appear bigger. So, don’t forget to wear sunscreen before leaving your home. You can also wear hats or other physical barriers that protect your face against UV rays.

 Bottom line

Whatever causes your pores to be clogged or enlarged, remember, having pores and producing sweat are perfectly fine and signs that your body is functioning properly the way it is supposed to. But still you can follow our tips to minimize pores to make your skin look flawless and glowing. Some tips will work better for you than others, so experiment a bit until you find what works best for your skin.

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