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Difference Between Dry and Dehydrated Skin – And How to Treat it

Difference Between Dry and Dehydrated Skin – And How to Treat it

Dry skin is a skin type, in which skin lacks natural oil or lipids. It is most likely to stick around for most of your life, as skin types come in genetics, but it can be improved by providing moisture. While, dehydrated skin is a condition in which the stratum corneum (top layer of skin) lacks water. It can be experienced by any person of any skin type whether dry, oily, combination, normal or sensitive and can be due to hormonal or environmental factors.

Identifying Dry Skin vs. Dehydrated Skin

If you are still confused and don’t know whether you have dehydrated or dry skin, then try out these simple tests.

1.Pinch Test – Dehydrated Skin

Pinch a small area of skin either on your cheek or the back of your hand and hold for a few seconds. If your skin snaps back immediately, you’re likely not dehydrated. However, if it takes a few moments to bounce back, you’re likely dehydrated.

2.Blotting Sheet & Bare Face Test – Dry skin

After washing your face with Golden Pearl face wash, leave your face bare (without applying any product) for half an hour. Now take a blotting sheet and pat/dab it on your face. Hold the sheet towards light. If there’s no oil stain on the sheet, it shows you have dry skin. You can also observe that if your skin feels itchy, flaky and rough after leaving bare then you have dry skin.

How Can You Treat Dry Skin?

Dry skin can’t be entirely fixed but yes, you can improve its appearance by proper care and using products that help counteract the natural lack of oil on the skin’s surface. So, here we are going to tell you how you should treat your dry skin to keep it moisturized and nourished.

  • Go for a Gentle Cleanser

 For dry skin, we suggest you a gentle cleanser that removes impurities from your skin and also gives your skin a hydrating boost.

Our Triple Action Cleansing Milk is a great cleanser for dry skin because its formula is enriched with Cucumber Extract, Vitamin E, Almond Oil and Aloe Vera Gel. It removes all impurities from your skin and leaves it clean, hydrated and moisturized.

  • Exfoliate Twice a Week

 Having dry skin may make you think that exfoliation makes your skin even drier. But No, dead skin cells tend to accumulate that make your skin appear dull and work as a barrier against your skin products. So, exfoliation twice a week keeps your skin fresh and ready to absorb moisture and nutrients from products.

Golden Pearl Double Exfoliating Scrub quickly exfoliates rough, dull and dead skin with the goodness of apple arbutin, mineral oil and walnut shell grains. It also revitalizes the appearance of your skin.

  • Moisturize Your Skin Daily

 Moisturizers replenish the skin’s moisture and create a seal on the surface of skin that prevents water from escaping. So, make it a routine to moisturize your skin twice daily if you want to keep it hydrated.

Our Cocoa Touch Moisturizing Lotion absorbs quickly and locks in moisture, all day long. Its enriched formula with Shea & Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Glycerin, Aloe Vera Gel, and Mineral Oil leave skin velvety smooth without feeling greasy.

  • Use a Face Serum

 Face serums are great to lock in moisture in your skin because they penetrate deeply and quickly. Face serums are formulated to quickly nourish, protect, and hydrate your skin well. They also remove fine lines and wrinkles from your face and make it plumping and glowing.

Golden Pearl 24K Gold Skin Serum is highly recommended for dry skin, as it gives a deep moisturizing & tightening effect because of Glycerin, Vitamin E & B3 in its formula. It contains 99.9% pure gold fine granules which slow down the collagen depletion and increases skin elasticity. It also improves blood circulation to prevent premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles.

How Can You Treat Dehydrated Skin?

Dehydrated skin may be due to your body losing more water than it is taking in. This can be because you are not drinking enough water or sweating too much. But this condition is treatable. Let’s have a look at how to treat your dehydrated skin.

  • Drink an Adequate Amount of Water

 The very first step to treat your dehydrated skin is drinking an adequate amount of water. On an average, you should drink at least 3 Liters of water every day and as much as you can. Moreover, you can also drink seasonal fresh juices as they provide hydration to your body and also boost your immune system.

  • Spritz of a Toner

Toners are a great way to add hydration to your skin. But just don’t forget to apply a moisturizer or face serum after that to lock in the hydrating effect for long.

Golden Pearl Glow Boosting Facial Toner provides excellent whitening, refreshing and soothing effects to your skin. With its deep skin penetration enhancers, it drops deeply in pores to prevent skin moisture loss and nourish it for a flawless and glowing skin. It is a dual-purpose toner as its rich activities of amino acid, fruit and natural plant extract give triple whitening by reducing melanin, dark spots & discoloration. This toner gives you a radiant complexion as well as nourishing and hydrating effect.

  • Use a Moisturizing Cream

 Dehydrated skin wants some extra moisture to get rehydrated. Using a good moisturizing cream will help your skin get it easily.

Golden Pearl Glow Boosting Cream has Polyglycerol Fatty Acid Ester, Mineral Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Amino acid whitening agents. It enhances cell renewal to plump the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while amino acid whitening agents naturally whitens the skin. It gives your skin the ultra-moisturization and day & night protection.

  • Use Hyaluronic based Face Serum

The best ingredient to beat dehydration is hyaluronic acid as it delivers a mega hit of moisture to the skin. It’s a humectant agent that draws moisture from the air to the skin for plumping and rehydrating cells from the inside out. So, it’s the quickest way to give your dehydrated skin the hydration and moisture it needs.

Our Glutathione 4X Skin Serum contains hyaluronic acid, Glutathione, Vitamin B3, and Alpha Arbutin. Hyaluronic acid gives your skin a boost of hydration and moisturization while other ingredients make your skin spotless and lush bright. So, if you have a dehydrated skin then this face serum is all that your thirsty skin needs.


No matter whether you have a dry or dehydrated skin, both needs to get moisturized well. But don’t confuse them, as both lack different nutrients, dry skin lacks oils and dehydrated skin lacks water. You can treat both after knowing either you have a dry or dehydrated skin. Know your skin and enhance its hydration and moisture level with the right choice of products, it will help keep your skin wrinkle free, plumpy and young-looking!

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