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Fruity Whitening Urgent Facial

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Fruity Whitening Urgent Facial is one of our best facial products. With fruity extracts and natural ingredients, it’s a complete facial treatment that will make your skin bright and radiant, instantly refreshing and leaves it soothed and soft in just a few minutes. It also contains Walnut Shells to gently exfoliate your skin and revitalize its appearance.

How to Use:

Apply Golden Pearl Fruity Whitening Urgent Facial on damp face & neck and massage for 4 mins with moist hands. Leave it for 3 mins, when the cream properly sets in the skin, massage again for 3 more mins. Wipe off the cream with water or a wet sponge and get an instant glow in just 10 mins!

For best results, use Golden Pearl Fruity Whitening Urgent Facial once a week.

Suitable for all skin types.


20ml, 25ml, 75 ml