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Daily Face Care Routine for Oily Skin

Daily Face Care Routine for Oily Skin

Your skin naturally produces oil through sebaceous glands to hydrate and protect your skin. But the problem arises when sebaceous glands produce excessive oil, it leads to oily skin. Excess oil can lead to different skin problems like shiny complexion, clogged pores, blackheads, acne breakouts, and blemishes that make the appearance of your skin dull.

The solution to the problem is following a Daily face care routine for oily skin, that includes products and steps that are perfect to:

  • Remove excess oil from your face.
  • Hydrate and moisturize your face without making it sticky and oily

 Morning Routine for Oily Skin

For oily skin care, morning routine is particularly a great way for removing any excessive oils that may have built up on your skin’s surface while sleeping. With the help of just a few steps you’ll be able to combat your oily face all day.

1. Wash your Face

When you sleep, your skin produces oils. The longer oils and impurities linger on your skin, greater are the chances of getting acne breakouts and pimples. It also maximizes the appearance of your pores on the face.

Washing your face every morning helps remove oil buildup and impurities. As per experts, using a gentle or Foaming Face Wash is recommended, that won’t strip off essential moisture from your face.

2. Give your Face a Splash of Toner

Giving your face a splash of toner ensures that every trace of oil, dirt and debris gets removed that your cleanser may leave behind. Toner is a great addition in daily face care routine for oily skin as it unclogs your pores – prepare it for better absorption of products.

It balances your skin’s pH level, create a layer of evenly toned skin, soothes your skin as well as reduces the damage caused by UV rays.

3. Apply a Face Serum

Face serums are specifically designed to treat different skin concerns. According to dermatologists, serums that contain hyaluronic acid are best for oily skin care routine, as they hydrate your skin while leaving minimal emollient residue.

Our Glutathione 4X Skin Serum comes with a combination of 4 active ingredients: Glutathione, Vitamin B3, Alpha Arbutin and Hyaluronic Acid. It makes your face lush bright, reduces dark spots, hyperpigmentation and provides deep hydration.

4. Use an Oil-Free Moisturizer

Depriving oily skin from moisture can actually lead to severer production of oil by sebaceous gland to compensate for the loss. A good pick of moisturizer for oily skin is one that is oil-free, absorbs quickly and feels lightweight on the skin throughout the day.

Give our Skin Lightening Moisturizing Lotion a try as it provides protection against harmful UV radiation, brightens uneven skin tone and absorbs fast to lock in moisture while being lightweight on the skin.

5. Apply a Broad-Spectrum SPF

The final step of your daily face care routine for oily skin in the morning is applying a broad-spectrum SPF. It protects your skin from the harmful UV rays that cause damage to the skin. So, always ensure applying it before putting on makeup or heading outdoors.

Pro tip: Search for an ultra-light, a matte finish SPF that works as a good base for your makeup as well.

Evening Routine for Oily Skin

After you’ve gotten through your day, before you head to bed when you come home, it’s essential to follow a nightly face care routine. This will make sure you wake up with healthy skin, no excessive oil and acne breakouts.

1. Cleanse your Face

Cleansing is a must to remove makeup, SPF, excess oil and other impurities from your face that have accumulated all day long. After cleansing, your skin feels fresh and gets a chance to breathe.

In general, cleansers that penetrate deep into the pores to remove dirt, excess oil, makeup traces, makes skin soft and ready to absorb moisture are suggested to use.

2. Tone your Face

Toning your face is essential at night too, as it unclogs your pores by removing all the traces of makeup, dirt and oil that cleansers leave behind. Moreover, they give your skin an extra hit of moisture, balance the natural pH level of skin, and give your skin a soothing, refreshing and glowing effect.

3. Use an Organic Clay Mask

Incorporating an organic clay mask into your oily skin care routine one or two times a week helps greatly for drawing excess oil away from your pores. They also exfoliate – remove dead skin cells from the surface of your face and revitalize the appearance. They keep your face’s shine at bay while treating blemishes and acne.

4. Apply a Face Serum

You can use the same face serum in the evening routine as well that was used in the morning routine. But if you want to treat different skin concerns like wrinkles, dark spots, acne spots, then you should go for a specific one, at night, that contains active ingredients to enhance the appearance of your skin.

5. Give your Face a Boost of Hydration

After applying serum, give your skin a boost of hydration with a cream that’s formulated to be ultra-moisturizing and has additional anti-aging or brightening benefits.

Our Glow Boosting Cream provides superior hydration and plumpiness to your face. Thanks to its advanced formulation that contains natural nutrients for repairing your skin and leaving it feeling intensely supple, young-looking and flawless.

6. Apply Eye Cream

As the final step of your night time routine, apply an eye cream that hydrates the delicate area around your eyes and helps in reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Pro tip: If your eyelids feel greasy and oily then applying a loose powder / compact powder to the eyelids can reduce oil throughout the day.

 Final Verdict:

Following a right skincare routine for oily skin can treat many of your skin concerns. Above mentioned routine helps minimize the oil production, unclog pores, and reduce blemishes. Avoid products that are comedogenic or oil-based as they feel heavy on your face and block pores. Also remember, you probably won’t get results overnight. It can take a few weeks or even a month to see a clear difference in your skin. So, stick to the routine and see amazing improvement in your skin right after a few weeks.

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