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How to grow your hair – 7 Common mistakes that prevent hair growth

There’s no direct way to make your hair grow faster overnight. On average, your hair can grow 1 inch per week if you take proper care and avoid mistakes that prevent hair growth. The days are gone when longer hair was considered to be an inheritance. Now, you can definitely grow them longer!

If you want to know how to grow your hair, here are a few steps to follow and pay attention to in your daily routine to grow them faster, healthier and longer.

1.Oil and Massage your Scalp

           Oiling and massaging your scalp brings life back to your dead hair. When you massage your scalp using oil it increases the blood circulation and reduces hair fall. It also reduces hygral fatigue and drying of hair, by adding nutrients your hair needs to grow.

Golden Pearl Hair Oil contains Natural Oils, Extracts and more than 10 Natural Herbs. It not only moisturizes and nourishes your hair, but also reduces dandruff, prevents heat and styling damage, reduces exposure to chemicals, stops hair fall and makes your hair grow longer and shinier.

Note: It’s recommended to steam for about 20 minutes before you wash your hair. It will help nutrients to deeply penetrate into the hair.

2.Shampoo Your Hair

 The key step to accelerate your hair growth is to keep them clean and hydrated. Having dirty hair can cause bacterial growth and scalp irritation. This in turn causes hair fall or stops hair from growing properly.

Shampooing your hair two to three times a week allows natural oils to penetrate into your hair, allowing it to hydrate and repair itself.  So all you need is to opt for a good shampoo that deals with your hair concerns. Golden Pearl has launched two shampoo brands, i.e. Set & Touch and Hello Hair with ingredients that not only deal with multiple hair problems, but also give your hair extra growing power every time you wash them.

Our Set & Touch – Long & Strong Shampoo has advanced hair strengthening formula. It uses a powerful combination of Keratin, Biotin and Milk Protein to strengthen the hair at the root and keep hair hydrated and soft, so your hair grows thick, long and strong.

If you are tired of hair fall then our Set & Touch – Hair Fall Solution Shampoo, is the best for your hair. Its extraordinary Anti-Hair fall system combines Red Fruit Extracts and Pro-Vitamin B5.  Red fruit extracts help in strengthening the hair and makes it feel healthier and stronger. Pro-Vitamin B5 helps in purifying the scalp which promotes hair growth faster.

Excessive heat styling makes your hair rough and damaged which prevents hair growth. But no worries, Set & Touch – Keratin Repair Shampoo has Almond Oil & Argan Oil complex which helps to restore the natural moisture of your hair by its enriched nutrients. While its keratin helps to repair your damaged hair for a stunning damage free hair beauty. 

Dandruff not only causes hair fall, but also prevents hair from growing. Because, when you scratch your scalp hard it may get injured which causes inflammation in the hair follicles, this causes hair growth to slow or stop.

If you want to get rid of stubborn dandruff then try our Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, the best shampoo for dry hair. It contains purifying and nourishing properties of Mint and Tea Tree Oil which removes dandruff-causing bacteria and leaves your hair fresh, beautiful and dandruff free.

Moreover, if you have rough and dull hair and want them to shine then Hello Hair – Egg Protein Shampoo is a must try for you. It has the traditional combination of Yogurt and Egg Protein with the twist of Chamomile Extract. It helps make your hair silky, soft, shiny and bouncy.

Do you want to give your hair an extra boost of moisture and hydration? Our Hello Hair – Daily Moisturizing Shampoo has Ocean Minerals that help in purifying the scalp and removing excess oil. While the exquisite combination of Aloe Vera & Apple Extract help in moisturizing the hair.

If you want a natural ingredients based shampoo for your hair, then Hello Hair – Herbal Shampoo is the best option to opt for. Its 5 herb formula is enriched with Amla, Reetha, Shikakai, Olive Oil and Green Tea Extract. It repairs your hair from root to tip by purifying and nourishing the scalp. Switch to nature and say hello to soft, manageable and healthy hair.

3.Keep your showers cooler

Hot showers make your hair rough. Always make sure to turn the temperature of water down when washing your hair as it closes the hair cuticles and pores in the scalp. So, nutrients get locked inside the closed cuticles.  You can also give your scalp extra love by massaging your scalp while washing as it boosts blood circulation which makes your hair grow faster.

4.Brush your Hair Regularly

          Brushing your hair regularly twice a day is highly recommended, because it detangles your hair and increases the blood circulation which results in the growth of your hair. Brushing your hair also distributes the scalp’s oil evenly throughout your hair to keep them silky and shiny.

5.Follow the right diet

 Having long and healthier hair does not just depend upon which products you use on hair, but also what you put into your body. Eating food enriched in Protein and Biotin is best you can do to make your hair healthy. Egg yolk, dairy, fish, beans, nuts and whole grains are great sources of protein and biotin.

 Common Mistakes that Prevent Hair Growth

 No doubt, hair growth progress is slow but if you are seeing no improvement at all then it’s a sign that you might be doing something wrong with your hair. Here are some common mistakes to avoid that prevent hair growth.

1.Bleaching your Hair

Bleaching is one of the worst things you can do to your hair. Bleaching raises the outer cuticle of your hair and lets harsh chemicals penetrate the hair shaft. This breaks down the hair proteins in the process, making your hair more prone to breakage and dryness. So, you need to stop bleaching your hair if you want your hair to grow stronger and healthier.

2.Using Excessive Heat

Using excessive heat tools for styling changes the shape of your hair’s keratin strands which eventually leads to weaker hair that has lost its elasticity. So, hair becomes more prone to damage and stops from growing. However, if you are addicted to hair styling then you must put some heat protection on your hair before using heat tools.

3.Towel-Drying Your Hair

 If you’ve been towel-drying your hair, then you need to stop!. Towel-drying or rubbing your wet hair can lead to breakage and hair loss. Instead, you may opt for natural air drying, using a blow-dryer on the cold setting, or soaking up excess water with a soft T-shirt to keep your strands intact while drying. But if you absolutely must use a towel then use a microfiber one that’s friendlier to your hair.

4.Combing Wet Hair

If you are used to detangling your hair right after taking a bath, then you need to stop doing this! Wet hair is more fragile and can lead to hair breakage more easily. Because when we wash the hair, the pores of the scalp are already open making it sensitive, combing wet hair leads to more hair breakage and hair fall.

5.Wearing tight hairstyles

Tighter or any other hairstyle that puts too much stress on your hair definitely damages the hair follicles and causes strands of your hair to fall out, which is exactly opposite to what you want. If you want your hair to grow faster, longer, and healthier then ditch the tight buns and ponytails for now.

6.Over Touching your Hair

Over touching your hair can lead to dry strands, breakage, frizz, and product build-up. Of course, this all can slow or stop your hair growth progress. So, try to keep your hair healthier by opting for styles that don’t require a lot of pulling or combing to achieve. 

7.Shampooing your Hair Every Day

Shampooing your hair 2-3 times a week makes your hair healthy, clean and grows faster but washing them every day isn’t good. Because more shampooing makes your hair dehydrated and prone to damage. The more damaged your hair is, the longer it will take to grow.

Wrap up:

We have covered all simple practices that make your hair growing process fast. If you are facing unusual hair loss or any other hair concerns, then consider using our Hair Care products to see clearer results in your hair growth. Hopefully, after reading our blog, you get to know how to grow your hair and what kind of mistakes you need to avoid.


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